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Our wide range of portable air conditioners are able to reach you across the UAE, so if you need to cool down the rooms, shops, server rooms or any offices for a meantime, we are here to help you to decide which units and size of the machines suites to your area. Just dial our phone numbers given and we will response to you 24/7 cause we have a friendly sales person to assists you and our expert team person giving a free site visit which sizes of the machines should be fitted in your locations.

Our portable ac draws warm, humid air from room and converts into fresh air. The mobile unit features auto drain for controlling condensation, and easy to install with a single hose venting system. The unit is easy to install venting through window.

Our spot air conditioner range of industrial portable air conditioner is considered the standard air con unit. Most reliable and versatile on mobile air conditioning, ideal for factories, tents, laboratories, workshops and industrial use.

Our free standing ac have excellent performance that can be easily installed, and can meet all kinds of requirements for home, commercial use, and industrial. Widely used in buildings like hotels, supermarkets, workshops, residential houses, events, tents, and apartments.

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